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Optical Absorption Threshold of Low Pressure Chemically Vapor Deposited Silicon Oxynitride Films From SiCl2H2-NH3-N2O Mixtures

Source: Thin Solid Films 437 (2003) pp. 266-271
Author: Dimitris Davazoglou


Optical Properties of Amorphous PbZrxTi1-xO3 (x=0.52) Thin Films Prepared by RF Magnetron Sputtering

Source: Thin Solid Films 437 (2003) pp. 223-229
Authors: Zhigao Hu, Zhiming Huang, Zhenquan Lai, Genshui Wang, Junhao Chu


Determination of Optical Constants of Si/ZnO Polycrystalline Nanocomposites by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

Source: Journal of Materials Research 16, 12 (2001) pp.3554-3559
Authors: J. Garcia-Serrano, N. Koshizaki, T. Sasaki, G. Martinez-Montes, U. Pal


Physical and Electrical Characterization of Hafnium Oxide and Hafnium Silicate Sputtered Films/

Source: Journal of Applied Physics 90, 12 (2001) pp. 6466‍-6475
Authors: A. Callegari, E. Cartier, M. Gribelyuk, H.F. Okorn-Schmidt, T. Zabel


Spectroellipsometric Study of Sol-gel Derived Potassium Sodium Strontium Barium Niobate Films

Source: Journal of Applied Physics 89, 8 (2001) pp. 4491‍-4496
Authors: C.L. Mak, B.Lai, K.H. Wong, C.L. Choy, D. Mo, Y.L. Zhang


Spectroscopic Ellipsometry of TiO2 Layers Prepared by Ion-assisted Electron-beam Evaporation

Source: Thin Solid Films 360 (2000) pp. 96-102
Authors: D. Bhattacharyya, N.K. Sahoo, S. Thakur, N.C. Das


Determination of Optical Dispersion and Film Thickness of Semiconducting Disordered Layers by Transmission Measurements: Application for Chemically Vapor Deposited Si
and SnO2 Film

Source: Applied Physics Letters 70, 2 (1997) pp. 246-248
Author: D. Davazoglou


Calculation of Optical Constants, n and k in the Interband Region

Source: Handbook of Optical Constants of Solids II (1991), Chapter 7, Academic Press
Authors: A.R. Forouhi, I. Bloomer
Abstract: Derivation of the FB dispersion equations with general applications and examples for amorphous
semiconductors and dielectrics, crystalline semiconductors and dielectrics, and metals.


Optical Functions of InP

Source: Inspec, (1991) Chapter 8
Authors: A.R. Forouhi, I. Bloomer
Abstract: Discusses the optical functions of InP in each of the five energy regimes, i.e., the static-IR,
restrahlen, transparent, bandgap, and visible-UV.


Optical Functions (Complex Refractive Index, Dielectric Function, and Absorption Coefficient) and Dispersion Formulae.

Source: Inspec, (1991) Chapter 13
Author: A.R. Forouhi
Abstract: Discusses the optical properties of amorphous silicon films prepared by various deposition
techniques, and presents typical data and the relevant parameters describing their dispersion

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