Benchtop Systems

Versatile Metrology for your Thin Film or Trench/OCD applications


Perfect for Research & Development sites, Labs, Universities, and Operations whereby cassette-to-cassette automation and high-volume may not be necessary.  n&k has the ability and agility to manufacture a sophisticated metrology system to meet your needs and requirements.  And one of the best attributes is that applications can seamlessly be transferred from a Benchtop n&k system to a Fully Automated n&k system.

Utilizing patented all-reflective optics, a broadband wavelength range (190 – 1000nm), proprietary optical formulation, and an industry leading signal-to-noise ratio, each system provides the accurate and reproducible data required to monitor subtle changes in critical device parameters (thin film thickness, optical properties, critical dimensions (CD), poly recess profile, sidewall angle) across various key applications.  n&k’s Benchtop systems can also accommodate a wide variety of both opaque and transparent substrates such as Silicon, Gallium Arsenide, Silicon Carbide, Gallium Nitride, Sapphire, Glass, Quartz; in both wafer and coupon/piece formats; making the n&k Benchtop system one of the most versatile metrology tools in its class.

Benchtop Systems Features and Benefits

  • Incorporates Reflectance only or Reflectance and Transmittance
    • Wavelength Range: UV-Vis 190-1,000nm or IR 1,000nm – 15,000 nm
    • Polarized or Un-Polarized Light
    • Spot Size: 1mm for Un-patterned samples, or 50um for Patterned Samples
    • Measurement Capabilities can be configured for Film Thickness and Trench/OCD
  • Large variety of Sample Types (Opaque and Transparent substrates)
    • Wafers up to 300mm
    • Wafer pieces and coupons
    • Photomasks
    • Hard Disk Media
    • Display and LED substrates such as Glass and Sapphire
    • Automated XY Stage for uniformity mapping or Single-Point measurement sample holder for added cost-savings flexibility
  • Optional Z-Stage and Auto-focus for accommodating various substrate thicknesses
  • Ideal for customers who do not need high throughput such as R&D labs, Universities, Technology Development Centers, etc.

Thin and Thick Film & OCD Scatterometry Applications

Thin and Thick Film Application Examples

The n&k Benchtop System’s thin and thick film applications cover both current and next generation measurement demands for R&D and production: Ultra-Thin Films and Residual Layers, Multi-Layer Stacks, Inhomogeneous Films, 193 nm & 248 nm ARCS and Resists, Low-κ films, High-κ films, films deposited on Rough Surfaces, EPI Film Stacks, and Ultra-Thick Resists.

HfO2 (20 - 40 Å)
Silicon Substrate
Results of Analysis: — Bare Si, — 19.7Å HfO2 /Si, — 32.1Å HfO2 /Si, — 41.0Å HfO2 /Si
Poly-Si (with Surface Roughness)
Silicon Substrate
SurfaceRoughness (Å) Poly-SiThickness (Å) SiO 2 Thickness (Å) Red 32 18245 505 Green 57 15078 622 Blue 85 21330 765 Spectra
Ultra-Thick Film Measurement
SOI Schematic
~30 μm of Si - The Device Layer
~1 μm of SiO2 - The BOX Layer
Si Substrate

Experimental reflectance spectra in the IR region measured at three different locations. Low frequency interference fringes are due to BOX thickness; high frequency interference fringes are due to Si device layer thickness.

Device Layer Uniformity Plot (nm)
-8 -6 -4 -2 0 2 4 6 8 8 6 4 2 0 -2 -4 -6 -8 31300 31100 Mean 30200 30000

Device Layer Thickness Results (nm):
Max = 31285
Mean = 30902
Min = 30069
Std Dev = 254

Box Layer Uniformity Plot (nm)
-8 -6 -4 -2 0 2 4 6 8 8 6 4 2 0 -2 -4 -6 -8 1015 1000 Mean 950 935

Box Layer Thickness Results (nm):
Max = 1014
Mean = 985
Min = 941
Std Dev = 16.3

Epi Silicon Measurement
Epi Silicon Schematic
Epi Silicon
Si Substrate

Experimental reflectance spectra in the IR region measured for three different Epi-Si/Si samples.
The frequency of interference fringes relates to the Epi-Si thickness.

Complex Multi-Layer Film Structure
65 µm Photoresist
1 µm SiNx
250 Å SiO2
15 µm Silicon
1.5 µm SiO2
Silicon Substrate

OCD Scatterometry Applications

The n&k Benchtop System’s OCD scatterometry applications cover structures with very large pitches and very small pitches, 2-D and 3-D complex structures including films inside and outside of shallow and deep trenches and contact holes. Because of our patented and unique optical design, n&k Technology offers the highest signal-to-noise ratio and lowest cost of ownership to support your OCD requirement.

n&k Results - Cross Sectional View
Si-Rich Nitride Poly-Si SiO2 SiN Si 31 nm 99 nm 11 nm 8 nm 6 nm 28 nm 67 nm 33 nm 26 nm
Experimental Spectra Showing Distinct Rs and Rp Polarized Spectra
Measurement of Thin Films, Depth, Top CD and Bottom CD
Cross-Section View with Nominal Thickness
Top CD Bottom CD Trench Depth Trapezoid SiO 2 1000 Å (Fixed) SiN 500 Å (Fixed) USG 3000 Å (Fixed) Cu 2000 Å (Fixed) SiC(1) 300 Å SiC(2) 300 Å SiOC(3) 650 Å SiOC(2) 1000 Å SiOC(1) 700 Å SiO 2 300 Å
Trench Depth = 1416 ÅTop CD = 79 nmBottom CD = 61 nm SiO 2 = 252 Å SiOC (1) = 404 Å SiOC (2) = 760 Å SiOC (3) = 632 ÅSiC (2) = 290 ÅSiC (1) = 295 Å Thickness Results: OCD Results:
Cross Section
n&k Results
SiO2 on Si Trench

SOI Trench (Flared CD Bottom)

Poly Recess Trench

n&k Technology Benchtop Series Markets

Our products will be your eyes on the Nano scale, to ensure your IC’s and products have the highest yields.

Advanced Packaging

In addition to having our successes in the FEOL, we have now established success in the BEOL for various Advanced Packaging processes.


Sensors, safety features, advanced braking technology, auto-pilot driving; these technologies all require advanced Automotive IC’s.

Image Sensor

With the CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) market expected to grow significantly over the next several years, the rise in demand for image cameras for automotive, medical, and consumer goods will require high quality CIS devices.


The foundation and building blocks of the electronics and computing industries, our products help ensure you can obtain the highest yields possible when manufacturing these integral IC’s. 


The world of MEMS manufacturing continues to grow as sensors, actuators, microvalves, and micropumps are rapidly produced due to their stellar device performance and low-cost levels.

Specialty IC

Bridging the digital and physical worlds, Specialty IC’s supplement Logic technology, creating a new wave of technological innovation. 

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