Optical metrology for Conventional, Phase Shift, EUV, and Mask Blanks photomasks remains key for Photomask shops worldwide. Our unique combination offering to measure both Reflectance and Transmittance has proven to be very beneficial to Photomask makers throughout the years.

Key Applications

  • Conventional Mask Applications – Thin Film and Trench/OCD
    • AEI, ADI, ACI, ASI Photomasks
    • Thickness of MoSi, Cr, CrOxNy, Photoresist
    • Etch Trench Depth
    • Global CD Uniformity (AEI and ASI Photomasks)
    • CD Linearity (ACI Photomasks)
    • Measurements of 2-D Structures
  • EUV Applications – Thin Film and Trench/OCD
    • Optical property characterization of Cap (Ru) and Multilayer (Mo and Si) films
    • Monitor thickness of Ru Cap on Multilayer
    • Optical property characterization of Absorber materials (TaN and TaOx)
    • Monitor thickness of TaOx
    • Discovery of Sidewall Oxide along Absorber Etch
    • Monitoring of Depth and CD
  • Optical Density Application
  • Mask Blanks Production Control

Products For Use in The Photomask Market

Gemini Series

The n&k Gemini series are automated metrology systems used to fully characterize and monitor Thin Film and OCD applications for both current and next generation IC processes. Capable of simultaneous Reflectance and Transmittance measurements the Gemini series is ideal for applications with transparent substrates (i.e., Photomasks, SiC Wafers, Quartz Wafers, Flat Panels, etc.)

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