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If You Can Make It, We Can Measure It

n&k Technology’s optical metrology systems for Thin Film and Trench/OCD applications are Field-Proven to monitor all facets of daily critical processing steps for various technological manufacturing needs.
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Field Proven & Production Worthy Optical Metrology
Our systems offer experimental data with the highest signal-to-noise ratio over the widest wavelength range in the industry. As a result, the critical information you obtain using the n&k systems leads to higher yields.
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Valid Physical Models Give You The True Measure

Analysis is based on the Forouhi-Bloomer dispersion equations, which are valid physical models that enable the n&k systems to monitor the most challenging current and next generation IC processes.

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Let’s Collaborate Today
To Build Technology
For a Better Tomorrow

n&k will help enable you to move technology forward. You are limited only by your imagination.

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Our Technology

Patented Technology that Enables Process Control and Yield Improvement 
of Devices Comprising Thin Films, Trenches and Contact Holes

Thin Film

n&k’s thin film measurement systems accurately and repeatably determine thicknesses, n and k spectra, and energy band gap (Eg) of ultra-thin films (e.g. mono-layer graphene) and ultra-thick films (e.g. Epi-Si) for single-layer or multi-layer film stacks. Films can be characterized on either rough or smooth substrates.

Scatterometry (OCD)

n&k’s scatterometers accurately and repeatably determine Depth, CD, and Profile of complex 2D (trenches) and 3D (contact holes) IC structures. Whether the structure has a small pitch (<0.5µm), large pitch (>10µm), or high-aspect ratio, n&k systems can detect subtle changes in critical device parameters (including hardmask and sidewall oxide thicknesses).

Core Technology

The core technology is based on DUV-Vis-NIR (or IR) broadband reflectance (and transmittance for transparent substrates). n&k systems utilize patented all-reflective optics to achieve optimal signal-to-noise ratio of raw data which is then analyzed with the Forouhi-Bloomer Dispersion Equations combined with Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis to monitor the most critical parameters.

Listen. Understand. Innovate. Enable.

We Listen and Understand the needs of our partners to push technological barriers.

We Innovate and manufacture cutting edge optical metrology products.

Our products Enable our partners to produce IC’s that help power the world and humanity.

Holding Wafer Chip

Why People Trust Us

n&k Technology’s Scatterometers and Thin Film Metrology Tools are .


The ability to quickly measure multiple dies per wafer results in higher-quality IC products and increased overall yield.


Fully automated; meets all automation requirements present in today’s most advanced fabs and foundries.

Field Proven

Installed in high volume production fabs and foundries worldwide for over two decades.


Eliminate the need to scrap wafers for SEM, which in-turn, will speed up your ROI.


Optical metrology allows for immediate feedback at multiple locations enabling significantly high throughput compared to traditional metrology techniques.

The True Measure

  • The technology which we help enable is a part of our daily lives. No matter where you look, what you touch, or which device you use; our products are a helping hand in building our digital world.
  • We have a saying here at n&k – “If you can make it, we can measure it.” We also like to add that even if you can’t make it, we can probably still measure it.
  • As the world continues to utilize technology to push new boundaries, we will continue to stay at the forefront of technology by committing to Listen, Understand, Innovate, and Enable our customers.

n&k’s unique combination of hardware + software allows for the monitoring of the most critical thin film & scatterometry applications.

  • Experimental data with the highest signal-to-noise ratio over the widest wavelength range in the industry
  • Analysis of measured data based on valid physical models – Forouhi Bloomer Dispersion Equation and RCWA
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